House of Blessings Market

The musician in me {yes, that is my "real" job} always has songs rattling around in my head.

{TMI~My dad used to get so frustrated with me as a kid, because I would know every lyric to every song on the radio..but could not tell you my times tables. Not much has changed.}

Anyway, back to my thoughts and music. Nothing like a little Simon and Garfunkel to light the home fires don't you think.

I wish I was

Homeward bound

Home, where my thoughts escaping

Home, where my music's playing

Home, where my love lies waiting

Silently for me

To me.... home deserves a little extra fluff and and ruffle.
Even our outsides spaces...
{ you know that whole curb appeal thing....}
How do I love thee ....let me count the ruffles......

If you have a favorite piece at home that you would like to give new life to, email me your dreamy ideas and will make it happen!

Oh, and  if the pictured items are still around... they to need new homes too.