Our Porch

I have precious deep southern roots and there is nothing more treasured, or southern.. if you will, than the front porch. The porch is as much a part of our home as the kitchen is. It is where we greet our guests, visit with our neighbors, sit and watch the children ride their bikes. When you think about it the porch is a sneak –peak into our home. Our homes porch, just like the living room is full of pillows (white for winter) candelabras and even a chandelier.

Our neighbor, Dave was teasing me last week asking why I have not decorated the porch for the Martin Luther King holiday… :) I guess I have quit a reputation in our “hood” for my seasonal porch d├ęcor!

I hope to pass on the legacy of the “Porch” (my Grandmas fried chicken too) to my children . Life is so precious and we all need some porch time!

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