Ten Perfect Fingers and Ten Perfect Toes.....

To say that things have been normal at our house..well.. not so much.!

We were blessed on Friday with a baby boy ..for those of you that are not aware of how we grow our family ....we adopted them. Brady was 6months when he came home, Micah was two days and now Ty. He is four weeks old.

Besides getting the new little guy, I am thrilled about a new venture that I am starting. I will be joining the fabulous gals over at the Brick Basement in Fullerton in March selling all my "have to haves. It has been a long time since I have been in shop, but ,I LOVE these gals and I am really excited about this.

My writting time is liminted today...bottles to make, pony's to fix (the hair kind) and a sick JR K'r boy to tend too!

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Anonymous said...

lots of exciting things going on in a mommy of threes life! Where is the place in fullerton, I would love to visit and check out the goods!!