oH bABy....iTs hOt!!!

It was one of the days ..the ice cream is run'n down your arm before you event get it your first lick! Only in Cali can it be little sweater weather one day... and hair in a pony-no make-up tank top the next . CRAZY.

Speaking of tanks....., our new line of shirts were a HUGE hit this weekend at the FP Show (as we knew they would be ). Thank you so much to our "faithfuls" that came out this weekend.... we had a blast! We do what we do because we love it..but what we love even more... is all of the fabulous friends we have made along the way...it has been such a blessing to be a part of your lives, and work with you as your make your houses HOMES.

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Kasey said...

tell me about your tent? Did you sew the different pieces together for that? It's just lovely!