Hearts a Flutter

My friends know that I have a strange issue.... (well, lots of them really) one being that I don't like to subscribe to magazines...I love the feeling when I go to the store and there it is. My heart gets a little flutter!

Well, this month I got an extra flutter. I was at one of my happy places (Target)... went down that isle... . and there "IT" was... this months Romantic Home.

My sweet friend Kim's home was all the talk in this month issues. Kim has a fabulous eyes for vintage treasures and design.... but, beyond that she is a sweet gal! Yipee Kim!

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Kimberly Kostka said...

Hey You! I got this late because it was in my bulk e-mail file that I never check! Thanks for the kind words and I am so happy that you enjoyed the article. Hope you had a wonderful weekend at the barn sale I would have loved to have come...........Oh well next time for sure!