Sweet Love

Being a Preachers Kid (a grown up now) has given me a rich appreciation for my parents and how they love people. Some people are sooo easy to love ..while others not so much…..Well, for me anyway. My folks, they love them all and I admire them so much for that.
I have another example of just how to love….. it my sweet friend Janine. I love this lady! She is such an example of Christ love. She loves without judgment. Without wanting anything in return.
Recently Janine we diagnosed with Cancer and since the diagnosis has not been doing well. You see Janine has Down Syndrome and her little body just couldn’t take the cemo and begin to shut down so her mom brought her home.
This week when you come across the unlovable’s in your life…… think of MY Janine and your heart will change!


Mary H said...

AMEN!! I love Janine & there is no better example of Christ's love!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Her heart bursts wide open with His love. It is simple and precious. Janine shines with how perfect Christ's love is.

Anonymous said...

Janine shows us that it is a capable of loving one another and looking past everything that would seem to be wrong!! Thanks for the reminder!!! me D