The Find of the day!

This morning I needed to go to a thrift store in search of some items I needed for church. I was not in a "junk'n" mode..and then BAM. I saw this sweet little clear box as I got closer I could see it was full of something in my favorite color...PINK. I couldnt get my hands on that little treasure fast enough.
WOWZERS! There they were the cutest 1930-1940's vintage hats. Pink, Blue,White- Mink...yes, a little mink hat.
Toooo cute!
There is something so sophisticated about them. So lady-like. I am sad to say it ..but most of the time my dilemma is to wear my brown rainbow flip-flops or my pink ones....My how times have changed.

My little blessing-girl could not get her sweet little hand on these hats fast enough. Her and I worn them to dinner tonight..the boys were quite taken back by our look.

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Cheryl said...

Could she be any cuter? I don't think so!