Big City Girls

My mom and I returned from our fabulous shopping (and eating) trip to NYC. I love the city....but,I have to admit I kinda have a warped sense of the city. I think that everyone lives in a killer Brownstone and meets there girlfriends and the local cafe for lattes. I guess people think the same when they come to LA and think we all live in Beverly Hills and drive sports cars.

My mom and I have a obsession with a restaurant in Little Italy that is the BEST food you have ever had. I have to admit ....we have been know to make the 50 block journey from Time Square more than one..two..three times in one trip for the best chicken parm. in the world. It makes my month water just think'n about it! YUMMMMM.
I had to go the Shabby Chic store in Soho, it was a thrill. When I called home that night to tell my beloved about my day ..he reminded me that there is a Shabby Chic 15 minutes from our house in Fashion Island! I of course know that, and have been there many times..but its just not the same. He just doesn't get it!
I am so blessed to have this time with my mom, she is a remarkable woman . And teaches me daily through her walk with the Lord just how a Godly woman is to be.

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