Forever and Ever!

Who would have thunk it!?!?.....

Signing a little piece of paper like we just signed could make my heart leap~ jump~ flip... well, mine has~ done~ and did!
What kind of paper you ask? I wont keep you in suspense to much longer....tonight we signed our official paper work stating we want and will be Ty's forever family!
{We will go to court and get the official stamp on all this in 30-45 days}
I know that this will not surprise any of you that know my heart...but, I cried when I looked at the top of this paper and saw his official new name. There it is in black and white..my SON forever and ever!

Thank you to ALL you prayer warrior that have been there in the trenches with us this past year. I has not been a easy journey. But, we serve a might and gracious God!

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Anonymous said...

The Hellman's love you guys & will continue to rpay til all is said & done!!