The Change!

I think I am going through the change. Not "the change" ...I have a few more years on that one I'm sure. But, the decorating change.

Here is my dilemma. I have had white slip covered furniture for the last 7 years, in that time we have had three children. I love the fact that I can wash the slips... a lot ...sometimes once and twice a week. But, I am kinda lov'n the idea of idea of wiping something off a few times a day then undoing. And the idea of a new look. Sooooo..... I'm leaning the direction of leather?!?

What does that do to my cottage home? Leather with white ruffle pillow ( I bought some fabulous ones at the Shabby Chic warehouse sale that I have been waiting to unveil)? Am I a Shabby Chic sell out? Am I betraying all things right with the world?


Anonymous said...

I think you're losin it :-)
Love ya!

robin de koning said...

you are soooooooooo a shabby chic sellout...DON'T DO IT!
love you!