A Forever Home

God has a marvelous way of taking us on journeys that while we are in them.... seem dark and alone ( I knew we were never alone..but sometime I failed to always call out). But, once over we see the growth, and the graciousness of God.

Many of you have traveled this journey with me/us as my beloved and I hung on for the roller coaster ride that is the "Adoption"process. This was not our first of such rides, (or the last) and just like with any labor pains, they are all different; some more intense then others, some leaving scars, some excoriating and unbearable. But, over time they pass... and so have ours.

Today we were officially named the proud parents to Mr. Ty William. We are so blessed. I think that Brady (our 6 year old ~adopted at 1.5 y.o.) summed it up the best when said "Now Ty-Ty is forever, and know he can take out the trash".


Kelly Early said...

Ok, Brady is awesome. I love the true honesty that only kids have. I am SO happy for you guys - Ty deserves you. He is so blessed to have found a great forever home, and you are blessed to have found him! The trials of adoption have truly paid off. Only two more to go, right?

Anonymous said...

I love Brady-Boy Comment...so much an older brother!!!! Congrats...We continue to pray for all - PA

Anonymous said...

Kristin Anne Cornelius-Francisco at 3:28pm April 15
Congratulations and blessings to your family.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love Brady's honesty! The Hellmans are blessed to be a part of your awesome family!