I'm Smitten!

It was love at first sight...from across a crowded junk pile I saw her, and it was instant..I was smitten. Can you even handle how stinking cute these lockers are ?!?!

Sure, she has red in her... and I am so not a lover of red... but they are perfectly chippy and rusty in all the right places with the sweetest little hooks and shelves . One for each blessing and all their "stuff" . They fit perfectly in my entry way, cleverly hiding shoes, sweaters and backpacks. LOVE IT!

They had not been in the house 5 minutes, and I was making up the top with some fall love. It of course not complete but I just had to show them off.

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tara said...

OMG, those are soooooooooooo amazing!!! did you get them for a song, cause if you did i will be pissed! :)