This “bed rest” thing is for the birds!

Do you know how much garbage is on the TV during the day?? My goodness, how or why do folks fill their hearts up with this junk? GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT is my deep philosophical philosophy. Okay, enough of my soap box.

All this down time is making my brain spin with baby shower ideas. My sweet friend Gina is excepting her first baby blessing, after years of waiting. So when her hubby, Dave came over on Thanksgiving to share the news ….I was the first one to yelp;” I’ll host the shower”.

I’m thinking an Orange and Pink Asian Infusion theme? Paper lanterns, umbrella hanging from the backyard tree’s. Family style seating in the backyard. I have never been a traditional shower host. I like to do things a little different. Hopefully, the day is something that when guests are here they feel comfy and pampered. Leaving saying that was “FUN”.
The Menu: A few weeks ago I met Robin and her sister in law, Cheryl for lunch at a little Chinese bistro in Newport. Where I had “Lettuce Wraps” for the first time {{{{{LOVE}}}}}. Do you see a pattern here?

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