While all the other kids in school were paying attention, learning how to spell and multiply things others than in 5’s {I’m good at 5’s}…I was daydreaming, redesigning the classroom or making up songs in my head!

I was NOT a good student.

Well, in Choir.

So now that I am almost {cough, cough} 40, I have learned to surround myself with people that are good at what I am not.

Papa Blessing and my Bestie can rattle off numbers like they are on the stock market floor.

Mar is my own personal Editor.
She proofs anything that I make public.

All this comes full circle when the Boy Blessing was writing a story {just for fun} and asked me how to spell things …I was rattling words off like I was …well, someone else. A few hours later my precious nephew, Carter came over….

Ah Dude, do you want me to fix what you spelled wrong…there are lot of mistakes”?!

He’s 9 what does he know about mistakes?!!!

Would the jury please review evidence No. 1?


I am SO glad his dad, my brother was not there to witness this tragedy…I would have never heard the end of it!

The reason for Carters visit was to SO sweet!

He came to bring the girl blessings the sweetest gift EV-AH!

He made them each hair bows {you know I have a mild obsession for bows} made out of duct-tape. Bright Yellow and Leopard duct tape. And they are cute too!!
I love this boy!
He has such a precious little guy.
He is meek, and kind and compassionate.
I have never heard a whisper of discouragement from his month.
I am proud to be his “Auntie”, and look forward to seeing the Godly man that God is preparing him to be.

I love you Car-too!


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the red headed ones. They are special smart.

Anonymous said...

LOVE HIM! I think we need to get together & proof all your stuff! Love ya!

Rose Carey said...

Two words for Carter -So Sweet!

Penny For Your Thoughts said...