Back to Our Roots.....

Our favorite former neighbors ~ Jeff and Robby, have been sweet enough to allow Robin and I to bombard their front yard Saturday June 14th 8-2 and have a “Back to Our Roots” Boutique …just like the good’ol days! Robin and I have been stockpiling stuff just for this day ….we don’t always take the same things to the shop and the flea-market…we know our Old Town faithful’s and we keep the REALLY good stuff of you guys!
Cant wait to see you all!


NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

Dear Robin, just wanted to let you know that Clara and I are very sorry about your loss. We can tell that your aunt was a very special woman!
We've been reading and enjoying a lot of blogs lately and decided to have one of our own. When you get a minute, check us out at www.niceandeasyantiques.blogspot.com. We are still working on it and I'll be adding a list of fave blogs today and your's will be one of them, if it's OK with you...We'll try to make it to the next sale, in the meantime, all the best to you and your beautiful family,
Marcela & Clara

Christilynn said...

Thanks Marcela and Clara.
It was my Aunte (Christi) that went "Home".. and yes, she was wounderful.
I would love to be added tour blog fav list...
Happy Summer Days!

NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

Hi! I knew it was your aunt, I have not idea where Robin's name came from!...Sorry about my senior moment! Hugs,