The Big Day

Well, it is finally here...this weekend was my sisters wedding. It was only 101 in San Clemente ....but it was fabulous. She looked so fresh and happy. It was a real family day. My brother Chris was their Pastor , My Brother Mike and his wife sang while guests were arriving and then Mike and I sang for the service. It was alot of fun! OH, and the kids... instead of a grown up wedding party she had ALL the kids . My three , Mikes, three, Chris's two and Ken (her beloved) has three. WOWZERS ! It was great!

Leanne and I could not be more opposites...there was not one touch of pink in that whole wedding..now come on! Something is soooo wrong..no pink...no lace...no parasols.

I love you guys and cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for your lives together!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Leanne is so beautiful & THANK GOD no pink!! =)

Anonymous said...

what do you mean no pink??? i thought you were planning the festivities...you could have thrown in some pink for us!