Did Someone Say Gift Card?

I have written before that I have strong southern roots from my "Mamma's "side that I am very, very , proud of. But, there is another side that I am just a proud of....and that is what my Dad (Pop) has instilled in me.

My Pop would give you the shirt off of his back, a few bucks to get you down the road, but not without praying with you first and making sure there wasn't something else he could do to help you out. He is a fabulous man!
One of the many things I admire about Pop, is his business mind. He can get a crate full of oranges, a pallet of forks and u-haul full of coffee beans ( true story) and somehow turn it into a new flooring a family vacation, and some cash! He is the Captain of thinking outside the box.
Well, I wish I could say I inherited my dad's business mind, (my Brother Mike got all of that) I got more of my mom's goods... however, I am a outside the box thinker. With that being said; I am having a contest! Leave a note on my blog page under this entry leaving your name and email with a little message and your name will go in a drawing to win a TJ Maxx (I love this store) gift card! Yippee!!!
Why am I doing this ? I have heard from soooo many of you that you read my blog but you don't leave commits and that is the way I get to know you better! So come on tell your friends, join the fun world of blogging!


Anonymous said...

I'm number 1! You totally caught me. Blog "ghost". You are so creative with flawless execution. I love what you do. Ps. TJMaxx Home Goods ROCKS.

Erin said...

you girls rock and so does the MAXX! Hope to see you Sunday at IVC that is if I survive the Peddlers Market tomorrow at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa. Linda and I will be selling under the magic canopy :)

Mary H said...

FREE?? Yippee!! Love you blog Critti

Anonymous said...

I swear, I'm drooling over the ornate illustrations and old photos you keep finding. I need to do some more notecards... you're inspiring me! - Kelly (MOPS)

Anonymous said...

I love your site.. it's adorable, beautiful & fun! I love it...