Man Im Toast!

Man Oh Pete! I am one tired girl!

4am comes really early on Flea Market days, but, I get a little charge when I finally get there and see all the trucks coming in the parking lot, brimming full of treasures. I wish I could say I got the same charge when it is time to pack up!

Today was a great day. It was great to see so many of you, our faithful "junkers". I will post some pictures later of the super cute petticoat . I am obsessed with finding vintage prom dresses and petticoats for Micah's room! SO CUTE! Oh, and I bought (from Robin... it is a sickness we have . We are always being from eachother or like today we traded! ) these great Hotel Bottle Openers! I love Hotel Silver...really anything with a monogram on it!

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thevintagejournal said...

I probably walked right by and didn't say hello! It was my first time at Irvine. I will visit again. See you at La Maison. Blessings Denise