La Maison Rustique BLOG-HER Party

I am soooo excited about this weekend...the BARN SALE! Yippee. I have been working like a mad woman all week painting, sewing, polishing silver...the garage is full. Just how am I going to get it all in the truck? Ummmmm???? The truck? I have not asked my favorite (just in case he reads this) brother if he would like to trade is manly truck for my mommy mini van? Gosh, I don't see why not! :)

So call the gals ,and head on down to Temecula! This is going to be a fabulous show!
La Maison Rustique 39195 Avenida Antonovich Temecula, CA 92591
Sat. August 16th 9:30-7:00pm

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robin said...

i can't wait too! see you at 5!