Mom...I'm Big!

The end of summer brings lot of changes; New clothes, shinny new shoes, new lunch box... all of those changes I can handle but this one...was hard.

My baby boy, Brady ( he is almost 6) decided today that he was "just to big for training wheels". So after church he asked if I would take them off (Daddy was taking a nap) . After I removed them I asked him if I could help him get used to balancing and riding without his wheels. "Mommy, I am a big boy...I'm gunna be in Kindergarden in a few days ...I'm Big"! And away he went.... ridding down the street like he was 16. Man! Sometimes it's just to much to take!


trish banner said...

They do grow up too quick! Love on him while you still can. Before you know it, they'll be all grown up. I was just looking at pictures from not even a year ago and my Claire Bear (5 and a half) has lost her chubby cheeks seemingly overnight. Great blogging with you. Your site is rockin'.

NiceAndEasyAntiques said...

My "Baby Boy" got picked up the other day for his first Behind the Wheel class...Eek!!!..Thought I will give you something to look forward to!!!
Hugs, Marcela