Our Friend Janine

Today heaven received a very special gift. Our precious friend Janine went home to be with Jesus.

The kids and I went to visit her on Thursday, and took her Peanut Butter Cookies and Micah picked out some of her favorite band-aids and took them in a little zip-lock for her (how precious it that).

This morning I sat down with the kids and told than that Janine went to heaven. As I was talking I started to cry ..Brady asked me "Mama why are you crying? Jesus is so happy to have Janine she is so happy now her body is new and she is perfect... and then Micah pipped in..Mama her straws are gone (her breathing tubes) Yes, sweetie they are gone...Oh "Lanine" is so happy Mama she no like those"!

I will miss my friend, and look forward to the day that we can stand together in front of the King of Kings and sing and dance (Janine LOVED Worship).


Anonymous said...

Da Browns shall miss Janine very much. Her smile, hugs and her desire to have everyone smile and have fun will be the most precious memories that we will have of her! Thank you Lord for the time that we have had with Janine. Thank you for her and for her boldness of NOT being ashamed to tell everyone(&show everyone) about You!! We will always remember Janine!! Da Browns

David said...

Janine loved us like her Heavenly Father loves us, unconditionally. Her joy came through in her smile, and she wouldn't let you pass without getting a hug first! (I will look forward to that hug in Heaven). Perhaps we can all learn from Janine's heart: to love each other without any reservation and to worship our Lord with the joy that comes from knowing Him.
David Willsey

Anonymous said...

I think about Wednesday night dinners. Janine loved to hug and kiss Zilda, we were new to the church but to felt so welcome. Like we had always been friends. We were so happy to see her and to get a great big hug at the end of a long day. No matter where- dinner, dancing in worship, in Bible jeopardy...Janine is Joyful.

I am thankful that we have a God that recognizes our deep grief in the passing of our friends and loved ones, and that He will reunite us again soon in glory.

Joyful Janine in the Light of the Son. I look forward to that day.

Anonymous said...

Janine is someone I will never forget. It was a highlight of my Wednesday night to see Janine and see how excited she was to see me and do our secret handshake. How much she loved worship was so apparent, imagining how much she must be enjoying herself in heaven, the biggest celebration center of all, brings a smile to my face. Her memory will stay with me in my middle initial, but also in my heart. Tiana J.

Veronica said...

Janine is defenitly enjoying her worship now! Can you imagine her at the feet of Jesus Worshipping and praising HIM! Can you imagine the BIG HUG she gave Jesus! And the one HE gave her back! Oh Janine, to be you!! We love you!
Kathleen, in the words of the old hymn: "There'll be NO SORROW there, NO MORE BURDENS to bear, NO MORE SICKNESS, NO PAIN, NO MORE HEARTACHE over there, and FOREVER I will be with the ONE who died for me - What a day, GLORIOUS DAY, that will be"!!!

1pregomama said...

My favorite memories of Janine come from her hugs and her unconditional love. She hugged everyone, claimed everyone as HER friend and was always excited about her birthday and of course was more excited about worship than anyone else I know. I will forever miss the unconditional love of Our Father that flowed through Janine and the example He gave to us in her.

We love you Janine....We will see you soon!

Anonymous said...

The first thing that caught my attention about Janine was the aura of love that surrounded her. It was pure and innocent and sooooooooo real! There was something truly special about her hugs too - I was blessed to have received one. I thank God for allowing me to be a small presence in her life.
Vanessa Schatz

robin de koning said...

i did not know her, but my heart goes out to you and her family...your kids are precious christi and you've done a great job!
love you...

Laura said...

1 Cor: 13
Janine is Love
I will truelly miss Janine, but I will always have the most wonderful memories of the way Janine gave love so freely to everyone. I will always remember "where's your little girl?" I look forward to hearing that question when we meet again. Thank you Janine for showing me the perfect example of Christ's love, I pray I will be able to pay it forward.
Laura Lee-Wright

Miss. Marian said...

What a honor it get to know Janine. What a blessing it to be loved by Janine. Thank you Lord for bringing her to us and blessing us with her Joy and Love. She was a true example of Christ's Love. I will forever be blessed and touched by her smile and her hugs. We will alway remember Janine and what she gave back to us.
The Barrett Family

Sharon said...

Janine was truly one of the most special individuals I have ever met. From the time we started at Main Place she was her own welcoming committee! She greeted Stephie and I with a hug from the first Wednesday night we attended! As our family grew she made it a point to welcome each child as she had the previous---with a hug and kiss on the cheek. Janine always took the time to say hi, ask how we all were, and of course offer up one of her super special hugs. The love of the Lord flowed through her each and every time I saw her. The Pulsifer's will never forget Janine or the unconditional love she exuded. Her joyful smile will be missed, but never forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Isaac Peraza
Joshua 1:9
There are no words in the human vocabulary to express this moments, trust me none.
Coming from lots of losses, my dad, my granpa and my most missed ever son Isaac A. Peraza. I can sure say this to you they are waiting for us. Until then I will pray for strength and peace in the mist of this situation sister. I know how much this lost means to you. We miss you Janine, but I know we will see you soon.
Peace of God for you sister Kathleen.