Black Friday

Okay, I have to confess...I was "one" of them...up at 3am looking gooood ( baseball cap, sweats, my favorite grey sweatshirt) not my highest fashion presentation.
Man O'Pete was it crazy. When you have two boys and you hear that Lego's are buy one get one free.... WOWZERS! It was all worth it!
All my years at the Flea Market had got be used to the early ris'n..but, I could only dream there would be that many people at our spot at the Market!

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cheryls fascinatingfinds said...

Thanks for the visit. If you go to my before and after blog pics, you will see the green and taupe. There you will find the names as I'm not sure which color you are refering to. My whole house is now the Sisal by Ralph Lauren (Taupe)and I love it. I'll be back to visit your lovely blog, Cheryl