Chocolate Pilgrims...Oh My!

The kids and I made these super cute Pilgrim Hat treats for Brady and Eli to share with their friends at school. They are super easy, and the blessing had a blast doing them.
All you need is chocolate cover cookies, Reese's Peanut butter cups (for the hats) and icing!
And there ya go! Oh My Stars....the sweetest little Pilgrim hat you have every seen!


Anonymous said...

Those are super cute!!! And easy. I will be adding to my cruisin thru the holidaze binder. I love "real" kid friendly crafts. Especially the kind they can eat while making!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chriti! We will have so much fun eating -I mean Making!- these. Great tip and very festive!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!Very Cute idea.....

Eli's Lids said...

I just ofund your blog. I did a boutique with you last year!! Many blessings sent your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara-Noel
So great to hear from you! I hope and and your family are doing well! Blessings to you all!