Do'n the HAPPY DANCE....

There are some little things in life that well, just make me happy! One of those is "The Red Cups" !

As so many of you know; I have a addiction to Starbucks (Tall Black Tea Venti Cup Extra Water Extra Ice No Syrup One SweetnLow) . It is very BADDDDD habit that really I am not willing to give up! Now the "Red Cups" are Starbucks Christmas Cup that they serve all of their hot drinks in from now until Jan 1st. I love when the cups come out because it is my marker that it time to start the Holiday ( Thanksgiving and Christmas )planning kick off.

So this morning with two monkey in tow we went off to pick our "theme" for this year. IE: Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Cards, Place Cards, Party Invitations. I like to do them all in the same "theme" . This year will be a blue green with a cranberry redish pink and chocolate brown. I will have to take picture because I know it sounds revolting.....but, it is really stunning!


Ruthann said...

Hi, I love those red cups too! I'm a red lovin', jingle bell singin' Christmas girl...my Christmas decor is almost done! I couldn't wait! Anyhoo...I wanted to come say hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog and for being so kind to ask for permission to use a vintage picture from my blog...yes you may! thanks for asking! the pie social at your church sounds like fun! God Bless you!
Warm Pie, Happy Home

Christilynn said...

Thank you Ruthann.Your a Peach!