My Lutherans

This morning I had the pleasure of sharing with my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group my Testimony . God has been so good to us .Trust me the journey that Ted and I have been on for the last 11 years (11 years tomorrow WOW) has not been a easy one. But, God been so faithful, and everyday He has given us a new blessing in the miracles of our children , in our home, with our wonderful church family and for me personally with my "Lutherans" that is what I call this group of gals....You see I am not a Lutheran ....A true southern girl...would be nothing else but of course... a Southern Baptist! ! :)

Denomination has never been a issue with these gals, we share a common thread , our love of the Lord, and this great calling that has been placed on each of us to be MOMS. The hardest job in the wholeeeeeee world. But one that I would not change for all the tea in China (or even Starbucks)

So,Thank you "My Lutherans" for loving me just the way I am! For your kind words of encouragement, and your support and love as we press on and see where this new journey that God is taking our family on leads us.

I love you all!


Anonymous said...

I just want to say I LOVE YOU!!!!! I don't know how to express how I feel about you any better than that. Thank you for your love of God, husband, kids, country and life. You are a one of a kind my friend and I value you more than you will ever know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christilynn,
I feel so blessed to have met you and your lovely family. You are such an inspiration to me. I have been praying for God's will to be upon you and your family during this difficult time. Try to take time to smell the roses and be in his presence for comfort.

Early Girl said...

I can't believe I missed this! I'm forever kicking myself... we'll meet for tea (your crazy Starbucks creation) and you can re-tell the whole story just to me. I might even cry. Either way, I've got your back chica!