Thank you for your service.

On a recent flight I was on there was a young mother (she was just a baby) with her two small children. They were all wearing tee shirts "My Daddy is a Hero"or in her case; "My husband is a Hero". After the flight had settled in on one of my many trips to walk around, ( I just cant sit for long I am to wiggly) I thank her for her husband service, and her families sacrifice. She told me that her children were afraid the wear their tee's because someone had a made some ugly comments to them about war . My heart sunk to my feet. There daddy is out risking his life of US, and people -Adults, would be so ungrateful and cold to a child! I was sick.
So, this Christmas as I am home with my blessings. I am thankful for all of the Men and Woman that are keeping me safe, and their precious families that don't have them to squeeze tonight.
Merry Christmas! Thank you for your service!

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