Things about me....

I have been blogging for a year now (man, where does the time go). I thought I would give you a little scoop about me for my one year blogversary.

1. I don’t like board games
2. I only like coffee when there is more creamer than coffee
3. I don’t allow shoes in the house –YUCK
4. I like Chocolate Chip cookies with no Chocolate Chips..I know , go figure!
5. I am a Professional Singer (for my big girl job)
6. I would love to someday do some sort of graphic design
7. I am addicted to Reality TV-Tori and Dean, Ruby, Jon and Kate Plus 8
8. I have white furniture and three children
9. I accepted Jesus as my Savior in July 12th 1979
10. I would love to live on a working farm -Martha Steward kind..pretty, and well kept with workers!
11. I love nicknames
12. I love to clean with Bleach
13. I don’t like Indian food
14. I love Italian food
15. I am obsessed with Vintage- Johnson Brother Butter Pads
16. I love anything with a Monogram on it.
17. I don’t like perfume
18. I love Coconut lotion
19. I love Pearls
20. I have a tattoo
21. I cant to go sleep if my closet doors are open
22. I will never live in a house with stairs
23. I LOVE the south! Ya’ll
24. I don’t eat steak..I don’t like it
25. The ocean amazes me
26. We live across the street from my folks, and it is great!
27. We have one pet..”Spiky-Rainbow” the goldfish
28. I am afraid of mice
29. My folks were Missionaries when we were kids
30. Some of my best childhood memories were playing Kick the Can
31. I can not stand musical theater
32. I was a hairdresser for sometime
33. I love the smell of burning matches
34. I love cheese
35. I LOVE Dean and Deluca
36. I have been to Europe
37. I like Country Music
38. I have not ridden a bike since I was 15 (got a car and the rest was history)
39. I drink Starbucks tea everyday
40. I have baskets and baskets full of spools of ribbon
41. My closet is organized by color, sleeve length then item length all on wooden hangers.
42. I want renew our wedding vows on my 20th Anniversary in Hawaii (my beloved says our first vows worked just fine. J
43. I love the smell of sunscreen
44. I don’t like to take baths, I don’t feel clean afterwards
45. I would name my children with last names for firsts if my beloved would allow me
46. We want 5 or 6 children
47. I clean my bathroom and kitchen everyday
48. My shoes are stored in clear boxes with pictures of each pair on each box
49. I ironed our bed sheets one time…beloved didn’t like it
50. I do all our laundry on one day….Tuesday
51. I love to swim
52. My first car was a Mustang Yes, I was a daddy’s girl
53. I locked myself in the walk-in freezer at a yogurt shop I worked at in H.S.
54. I can only write with fine tip pens
55. I love anything rusty , and chippy
56. I cant tell you the 8 times table but, I know the lyrics to every song I have ever heard
57. I like crushed ice
58. I don’t drink soda
59. My favorite movie is any chic flick
60. I don’t drink alcohol
61. My favorite bible verse is Jerm. 29:11
62. I like tap water
63. I don’t like milk
64. My favorite color is Pink
65. I was on synchronized swim team as a kid
66. I took French for four years …cant remember a lick

1 comment:

Kelly Early said...

#5 - I'm jealous
#6 - let's do something!
#20 - what's the tattoo of?
#31 - why not? You're a singer!
#40 - ditto
#41 - I knew I liked you
#48 - now I really like you

Man, I could comment on all of them. What a cool and completely random list!