Spring? Nahhhhhhh

Those of you that read my blog that live in another part of our great country...I am sooo sorry that you have to see this ..but it is 82 here today! Man, can you believe it!
All this warm weather just puts a bee in my hat, and I want to clean, clean, clean. And work, work, work. Come Spring all my Spring Cleaning chores will be done..I wont know what to do with myself!
P.S. The picture of the fridge is because I cleaned my out top to bottom, inside and out today! YIPEE


Ruthann said...

Hi Christilynn, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! Yes you may have my permission to quote me, thank you for asking! I loved reading the list of things about you....I see a lot of me in that list! God Bless you sweetie, come visit me again! Great minds think alike!

mindyb said...

I was a synchronize swimmer too. Hated the nose piece!