Fried Chicken

I know that I have said it many other times in other post so pardon the repeats.
My roots are plated deep in the south, and nothing says southern comfort than Fried Chicken ....I got such a kick out of this "how to fry chicken" article I just had to share it. If I didn't know better I would think it was my own Grandma talking as she was dust'n the flour off her sweet little apron humm'n an old hymn.

Mary Randolph, in the third printing of "Virginia House-Wife" (1828), told how to make fried chicken. Very simply, the chickens are cut up, dredged in flour, sprinkled with a little salt, put in a skillet with hot fat, and fried until golden brown. Through the years there have been hundreds of attempts to improve upon her recipe, and plenty of tricks and special touches, but they are all simply minor variations on the original. Mary Randolph mentions making a gravy with the "leavings", but the cream sauce so often served with fried chicken seems to have originated with the dish "Maryland fried chicken". In the cookbook, "Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen" (Baltimore, 1873), the only fried chicken recipe calls for a sauce made of butter, cream, parsley, salt and pepper.

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YUM! Just add 10 lbs. to my rear now!!