A Nice Suprise

Today was a fabulous day..after church we packed up the kids and headed over the Long Beach Flea Market. What a treat..the beloved is not a big fan of the market (any flea market as far as that goes) but he was a joy!
We got there late so lots of folks were pack'n up ( I was bummed I had a list of "have to have's" and everything). I did find some killer prints and frames that I will post later.

My precious friend Trish from Cottage by Design was there with all of her yummy pillows and such. She is one of the most talented gals (and a great friend too)you will ever meet. I tell her all the time that I don't want to tell anyone about her or her "stuff'" cause then my secret will be out! So I guess the cat is out of the bag!

It was a wonderful day, and as you can see from the Baby-Girls we were all tucker'd out!


Anonymous said...

Micah at her best!

trish banner said...

Thanks for the support. I really do appreciate the kind words. You're the best!