Urggggg.....there is nothing worse than car issues!

If you think about it our cars are kinda like our kitchens. The have a central purpose but they are also much more. And for those of us with little blessing... they are vital to our all ~day every~ day . Well, my car pooped out on me this weekend and it is just not pretty!

This weekend we had a show down south, and by the moon light I set out to greet the day, and all I got was a dead car....so I ran inside the house to tell the hubby (who by the way is soo not a car guy) he just looked at me with this sleepy panic face...so did what any smart girl would. I call my brother! Sure it was 5 am, but he ALWAYS goes to the gym that early... so I knew I was safe. SOOO wrong he was sleeping ...I felt like a heal. But, in true Chris style.. he was at my house in 10 mins and had me on the road! LOVVVE HIM!

But here we are today and my car is in the toilet again! Urggg. Well, tomorrow is a new, and I guess walking wont kill me! ....?

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