Oh Baby!

I love a party, and throw a new baby in the mix... and I am all over it. So, I was super excited to host a baby shower for my sweet girlfriend , Christian tonight. Christian has a funky~hippy style ,so it was fun to host her "Monkey Love" shower. She is a doll!
It is impossible to see.... but, the napkin rings were super cute and said " Sweet Monkey Love", KLB (babies monogram), and "Monkey Love".

There were lots of text messages, and voice mails from hubby's wanting to know if the girls were bringing any food home for them. Knowing this would be the case before the rings...I packed up some to~go "Hubby Box" to bring home to the Papa's.

My girlfriend Meg took this pictures and I think that the appetizer's must have been her favorite because there is 6 pictures of them...I promise we had a full spread and it was delightful!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm so behind on reading your blog!! That was a great baby shower!! Can't wait to meet the little monkey! Mary mary