My Samoan Heart!

Those of you that know much about my social life....when I have one... know that it is primarily made up of "church folk"! We are very blessed to be a part of a wonderful church family. Well, just like in our family at home... when someone hurts.... you hurt for them.

I am hurting!

We have a Samoan community in our church, and their homeland was destroyed last week in the horrific tsunami that hit their country. Many of "our family's" folks lost everything . Their homes are rubble, all they have is the clothes on their backs... It is horrible.

I was trying to think of a simple~ childlike way the bring this devastation to my "blessings" reality... and I came up with "they don't even have a toothbrush to brush their teeth with anymore (I feel like a broken record sometimes...Brush your teeth! Did you brush your teeth"...) So we are going to have a "Toothbrush Rally". The blessings and I will be raising money to purchase toothbrushes and sending them over with weekend in a HUGE cargo relief effort that our church is a part of . Those of you that are readers of the Carriage House Co. and would like to help ...just leave a comment with your contact information.

Remember to thank the Lord this morning when you brush your teeth.... that you have a home to do it in.... water that "automatically comes out" and even just the simple fact that you have a toothbrush!.

"Alofa Moiesa"!


MaryMary said...

Tomorrow's pay day & I'm on it!! I love those Samoans too!!

Kasey said...

came over via Tara...love her farm table!!