Turkey on the brain.....

Call me crazy.... but ,I cant stop thinking about Thanksgiving!
My sister in~ law and I always take turns ..one year she hosts, the next year me.

Last year was "my year" and with a new baby and two little ones under foot, my sweet dad thought it would be "easier to go out". I love his gesture and it was soo very sweet and generous ...but it just wasn't Thanksgiving !
I love the cooking for days, the shopping, picking my theme (besides the obvious), freaking out about just how I am going to get it all done and get my Christmas cards ordered (that week is traditional when I order my cards) .
Oh please ..Oh please.....let me have Thanksgiving this year! That was my subliminal message to my sister in law!

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Tara said...

Heh, can you come to my house and cook?? we went out last year and it was AWFUL...for many reason! I hope you get your wish! :)