A note

Do they even do this in class any more? Pass notes? Or, do you just send a text?
I don't know.

There is something to be said for the old note! "Brian so soo cute" ! Do you want to be my boyfriend? Circle yes or no." Hello...you cant circle a text message now can you?

Today is the last day of November, and I am sending out this "note" to tell the whole world.....
OH MY GOSH, REALLY! I am so far behind and cant seem to wrap my head around anything that I need to do . I am the proverbial hamster in the wheel.

All three of the children welcomed in the swine flu to our home.... at the same time. Thanksgiving was a cornucopia of people, and I was sicker than a dog! And now November 30th I'm making list's like nobodies business and cant seem to get mov'n.

Okay, so maybe it was not the most uplifting "note" you have ever read but maybe it was just what I needed to kick myself forward. Maybe?

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robin de koning said...

they send texts!
i hate texting!!!
as you know...
sorry to hear you were sick over thanksgiving, but i'm sure you pulled off a huge success...mom was back in the hospital...she had another heart attack on wednesday...so it was just the family for thankful day...the four of us and steve's friend erik...the single guy :)
hope you are better!!!
see you sunday!