Decking the Hall

Okay, so I took the advise of my sweet little friend Tara, at aka blondiensc.typepad.com and "got off my butt" and deck'd the cottage halls for Christmas! That is one of the 10000 things off my list that HAD to been done asap. Okay, deep breath......ahhhh.

In my decking the halls madness (I only had four hour until I had to pick up the blessings from school) I decided I am over the "stuff" in my house. Time for new "stuff" , a new look, a new feel, a new.....? Well, lucky for me, maybe for you too if you are looking for "stuff" it is IVC this weekend and Robin and I will be out with our sweet pal Janice selling our treasure.
Stop by and say hi!


tara said...

ohh, you know I will be there!bring some cool shelves, will ya! are you going Modern? Late 50's...what, tell me!!

Did I really tell you to get off your butt? how bossy!

Janet said...

what are good friends for! haha! we exchanged a few emails. i'm embarassed it took me so long to come visit your blog, but i'm adding your to my blogroll and am looking foward to being a regular!