Well, lets see....at last post I had a new "Friend". To date she is the size of a baseball and has a name.... "Rhoda" (of the Mary Tyler Moore fame...she was always coming over unannounced and to tell the truth I found her rude).
The pain at time has been unbearable. I was sitting in church the other night and let out a YULP. Maybe not have been the best time or place.... but I just couldn't help myself. Surgery is scheduled for February 11Th and we will find out then any plan of action for any chemo or radiation.

My faith is strong! My family and friend support is immeasurable. I have choosing to find the joy in the storm!!
P.S. As CrAzY as it may sound ...because I am "choosing " to find joy. We will be at IVC on the 7Th. Flea Markets bring me TONS OF JOY!


Lora said...

You are in our hearts and prayers!!!!
We love you,
Dave and Lora

Anonymous said...

CrittySue you are THE most amazing person I have ever met. I am blessed to call you my friend. I love you & will pray for you til Rhoda is dead & gone! :0)

Erin said...

you are in my prayers, you are strong, Rhoda be gone soon. Erin