A New Friend...

If you blog-hop like I do, you see a consistent thread in each blog. Mom’s trying to find enough hours in the day to get everything done before being buried alive by mounds of laundry. Not to mention church activities, boy scouts, baseball, dance, play practices, piano, blah, blah, blah. There are also pictures of family, happy times and places, and for those that share my heart there is decorating/redecorating, junk’n, painting, chippy, rusty, YUM!!!! Anyway, where was I before I left myself and went to my “happy place” ((((( wink)))))

Woven in all that stuff is REAL stuff too. Well, I have had a “real stuff” kind of week. I drove myself to the ER on Wed night (I know, I know I should have not driven myself) with awful doubled over abdominal pain. The short of the long story is I had: two days in the hospital, three blood transfusions and a new friend in the shape of a tumor …yup, that is stuff alright!

So, today home from the hospital…. I choose to look at my life with rose colored glasses, the cup half full and a blessed heart with a cherry on top!

Sure, I don’t know what tomorrow hold with my new tumor shaped friend…
but, I do know who hold tomorrow.
For this I have peace.

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Erin said...

Take it easy and get well. Hope it's not serious!