I love me a good, mushy~ gushy love story, and this is a good one!

I am notorious for not answering my cell phone; but, get really bent when I call you and get your voice mail…I KNOW! Those that know me best know I would much rather text, and let most calls roll on over to voice mail..... and that is precisely what I did when a call came up from a number I had never seen before. When I finally got around to checking this is what I heard (must be read really fast and a little out of breath) “Hi my name is Jeni, and I was the one you met at Long Beach Flea Market, and I saw you had those chalkboards and I really need those chalkboards please call me if you have them.”

Stay with me, this is where the love story starts. At my door that night was Jeni ~ just as cute as a button, sunny as summer~ just wanna put her in my pocket!Okay, maybe that is a little mushy....but I cant help it! It took us all of about 2.5 secounds to figure we share the same obsession for anything chippy~rust~yummy and know so many of the same people. CrAZy!

Well, this gal is oober talented, and has started a killer company called found a vintage rental company. *DISCLAIMER I am in way responsible when you spend your grocery money on everything she has*. You can also find her at Studio EMP and EMP Invites .


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I like your new layout. I haven’t been on in a LONG time but you haven’t updated either so I don’t feel so badJ