Some of you are reading this and rolling your eyes…one, because you don’t know me and the others because you do!

I have an Addiction.

It starts with a STAR…and ends with a buck. It can depend the day… be a two ~ three…sometimes more times a day. I know what you think and just like any junkie…I don’t care!

A intervention is not the reason for this post!

I love My Starbucks. Yes, mine.
Those of you old enough to remember …It is my Cheers. A place where they know my name, and truly they are friends (some have joined for dinners, holidays ect). I was in there last night and the girls said to me;

“Have you meet Gladys yet”?


“Gladys, come here there is someone you need to meet. This is Christi here drink is blah…blah… . “

When I left I thought about how neat that was. Sure, it was just my drink order and when I might come in …but, to me it was more than that. Someone thought enough about me and what is important to me (my coffee) to let someone else know.
How often do we do that? How often do we think…. I’ll pull in the neighbors trash cans too tonight. Or, hold the door open for someone when they are not directly on our heels?

Just something to chew on….

Yup, you guessed it…I’m off to Starbucks!

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