Well, it’s officially Summer break and I have already heard echo from hallways and backyard swings…

“Mamma, I’m board”!


This is only week two of their break. OH MAN ! It’s going to be a dozy…

So, as of this morning we have implemented the “Boredom Buster” jar.

Its idea is simple.

Every time I hear the dreaded phrase they can reach in the BB jar and take a gamble on a chore { sweep the front porch, vacuum the living room etc }. I say gamble because there are two fun ~”un”chores too: run in the sprinklers, momma will read you the book of your choice }.

The sister to the BB jar is the “Big O’l Bucket of Blessings” jar {I know it’s not a bucket…just sounds cuter, don’t ya think?}. This jar is used when any of the blessings have been a blessing { ie: sweet to their siblings, made good choices ,etc} they can pick a treat from the jar which has anything from” staying up 15 minutes later at bedtime, having Ice Cream after dinner… or not having to make their bed in the morning.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! I might just copy!
Love Mary Mary

Anonymous said...

"Cute, cute stuff! I love it! "