The fact that I am old enough to say that I remember something~ not have a idea of something~ but, that I really remember an event 20 years ago ..and now even 30 years ago freaks me out!

Okay, so 39 is not that old..{ so I tell myself} but that fact that things about me change as I get older well that is strange.

I have never been a start and stop kind of do~er.
Guess What? Am now!

Start painting this room…glance over to the closet ..see something off skew…stop painted…start cleaning out the closet.

This is just not normal!

Stay with me there is a purpose behind all this. Promise

Okay, in all my starting and stopping this week. I started looking on line at one things and STOPPED looking when I found these!!!

Are you kidding me!

I am obsessed.

It has consumed my being.

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Anonymous said...

really? Will Papa Blessing approve? Or does he even have a choice?LOL
Mary Mary