This journey of mommy hood has its highs and lows. Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing in the world I have ever desired more than to be one…but sometimes……

There are days when I think I am so unequipped, and inadequate for this role. Days when I think “Oh, to only shower without stepping on a Buzz Light-year toy (how did it end up in my shower anyway?) Or, so tired that I can’t wrap him head around the thought of sewing one more Boy Scout badge …urggggg

But, then I have days like Sunday…

Ahhhh Sunday! My precious Boy~ Blessing was baptized at Corona Del Mar. What makes the pot even sweeter was his Uncle Chris, who is one of our Pastors at our church baptized him.

I am so proud of my boy, and his choosing to make Christ the savior of his life.

He is a fine young man.




Compassionate with a heart for others, and their needs.

I am so proud that God picked ME to be his momma.

What an Honor!

{{{{ P.S. The pictures of were taken my a young gal that we go to church with, Jessica. She will be going to school (college) in the fall for photography. She is oober-goober talented and guess who's booking her to do our family Christmas picture this year? Ohhhhh Jessica.... }}}}


Anonymous said...

Ok I got teary-eyed! It was AMAZING to see both young boys being baptized! God is SOOOO good! I love you guys!
Love, Mary-Mary

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! That Jessica is quite the photographer

Anonymous said...

Your boy is so cute. Thank you for your post.