I have the best hubby Ev~Ah….for so many reasons really!

Let’s take a peek at what the poor man endures shall we?

So, when we got blessing number 3 I decided that my beloved white slip covered couches had to go….Kinda of. It was a rash decision, but, blessing 3 had/has a way of making his presence known all over my couches, and it was a hill I thought not worth dyeing on!...?

So, I replaced them the beloved with Brown Leather couches {Hello! So not me} So, I had them for 6 months, sold them, got a linen couch that is super chic and more me { all in one day without the Papa Blessings consultation} but, here is the problem they are …well…I hate to say it….AWEFUL. Kinda like sitting on a bench. Not the place you wanna plop down and snuggle up on. {{{ Woops}}}}

All this brings us full circle to today. Drum Roll please…….. You will never guess what is in my living room right now?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


A brown leather couch!

So, I called the Papa blessing at work today and told him what I had done and that this was a temporary fix until I could replace my beloved white ones to which he replied. “Sure, Babe whatever you want. Can you make enchiladas tonight?


{photo sourse unknown}


Anonymous said...

You'll make enchiladas EVERY night, right?

Anonymous said...

cute stuff! i went for black leather myself...i figured at my house brown would be too revealing! haha! great story !