Life Sucks!

I saw a kid with that on his tee shirt today! Hummmm ?

What could possible suck {I hate that word…it is just so crass} for a 10 old? I don’t know that little guy, maybe his life is a mess?  
Or am I just old, and this is just a replacing for say... "phat, hip, rad"? {yup, I'm old!}

I would be a liar if all I ever posted was perfectly plumped pillows and straight slipcovers.

Life is messy.

And sometime unfair, and people are mean. And my feelings get hurt, my heart gets broken. I have at times felt parlayed by fear and heavy burdened.

 I struggle with finding who I am to ALL these people in my life. I am a peace maker, a band aid passer-outer~ if you will. And that gets really old sometimes. Really people! You are not 3 nor are you my children!

I am not super mom {I have to admit… that might be the hardest confession of them all}.

I don’t always look for the best in people in a effort to maybe raise myself up ? {OUCH}

So, what’s the purpose behind this tirade this morning?

Just a little self reflection I guess? Maybe a personal perspective for how I am so NOT where I need to be in Christ.

This week I have been HIT with lots of MESS. A dear friends terminal diagnose, anothers lifestyle choice that has me bewildered, my own medical / health questions.
I don't have resolution for any of these...but, I have faith in the God that does.....

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Kate said...

Hi Christylyn

Just wanted you to know that you will be in my heart and prayers. Yes life is unfair and thankfully our faith and trust in God is what I cling to. Have a blessed week my friend.

In His Grip