When Blessing ~ No. 1 announced that he wanted to have a "friends" birthday party I have to admit, I got a little excited. Up to this point his parties had always been family with a sprinkle of some friends from church. But, not this time...Nope! My little Blessing is growing up.

He has friends at School, Cub Scouts, Church .. He is super outgoing and social and has more friends than I probably even know about { I see the guest list getting longer as I type}.

Since this really is his first "real party" I want it to be memorable for him. So, the Party Planner in me kicked into high gear! He wants to have a costume party and wants his friends to bring their brothers and sisters "since his will be here too" {ahhh}. I recruited my sweet crafty friend, "Little Wendy" to make these fabulous fall / owl invites
{SOOOO CUTE Thank you, Thank you, L.W. Your are the queen of all things crafty}.

I thought it would be cute to wrap the invites in little burlap envelopes for Blessing ~No.1 to deliver his guests their invitations in.

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Rose Carey said...

I always love reading your blog. It's always so positive and a great way to start the day! Reading about your kids always brings back a flood of memories of where we were 10 years ago, be careful, you will blink, and suddenly you're dropping them off to college! Hugs.