Five years ago today my life was changed forever!

On this day five years ago the Papa Blessing, Blessing 1 and I sat on a cold linoleum hallway floor rolling match-box cars down the hallway as we waited and waited….and WAITED… for what seems like for-Ev-AH.

                                                    STOP !
“What are you doing”?

Writing about The Girl Blessing on my blog.



“I’m just really surprised you want to share all the details. It’s kind of personal don’t you think”?


You see the Papa’s not much for feelings, emotions, gushy, mushy stuff. So, I will respect his wishes and not share the details of the day. But, instead tell you that 5 years ago today our lives were blessed fair beyond measure; when I heard the nurse say…. “Here she is your little girl”.

I will forever be grateful for her birth mothers selfless act of love by allowing The Papa and I to have such a treasure. Our lives, and countless others have been touched by this little girl blessing and I am honored to be her Mommy.

                                                                                                                                                             The House of Blessings


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest little girls I have ever known! love ya Doodle!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday little lady!! :) Love your spunk!