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Today, I am feeling kind of nestie.

Before you say another word..No, there are no new blessings at the door. I know that is my normal M.O. for such behavior…but, this time I think it is the weather, the holidays…not sure exactly.

The Papa Blessing and Blessing 1 are heading off tomorrow for
Cub Scout camp {4 days without Momma, WOW}

So, I think while PB is gone I will “surprise” him …. The conversation will go like this….

Did you see the Bedroom?

Ah, ya…why did you do that?

I don’t know…just thought we needed a change.

Ah, ok…

Surprise! ? ?? {fade to next scene}

I have been known to become obsessive about things, most things, ok fine. All things.

So my new have to have… really if you must know…I NEED IT.

Is a new headboard.

Not just any headboard…but a yummy tufted one.

Maybe in a oatmeal linen or wait! How about in a cream velvet.


I know, right!

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