We all have that person {s} in our life that has really cool stuff!

You know, you go to THAT house and think; “I {{{Heart}}} that Ice Tea pitcher or dang, I love that pillow”!
For me it is my sister in law, Jamie.

Her house, like a catalog!
Yummy area rugs, comfy ~cozy velvet couches {DREAM}.

Okay, well yesterday I went over to “help” {really didn’t do more than drink ice tea and eat a bag of traders pretzels} them pack for their latest adventure and to my super, oober~goobers delight…..Yup, she packed my van …I mean PACKED…like it’s a good thing Blessing 3 is little, or I would have had to come back for him FULL of bits and pieces of sweet delight... all with sweet little white tags…with two beautiful words on them; Pottery Barn !

Hot Diggidy!

Okay, so you might be asking yourself why this is a big deal?

If you have read any of my posts from the last few weeks you will see a thread of where my heart has been with the report that we have “no more Blessing” do to some heath issues. I have been trying to wrap my head and heart around where God want me in all this …and find joy and contentment {HUGE} in this season.

Strange to some… the way I mourn and process “things” is I DO!
I find project and I dive in. Head first!

This time; my swan dive is the new “play room” {was to be blessing 4’s room}. So I already had the paint…had a few other odds and ends. But with SO MANY birthdays the last few weeks and Christmas around the corner I don’t have the funds to pour into this room …then like manna from heaven.

See where I’m going here….

God is so good. And He knows our heart and just how to etch is love on it at just the right time!

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Anonymous said...

*enthusiasm* How fantastic!{{hugs for your heart}} I have like no joke 3 PBK catalogs that I just keep cuz I love the rooms so mucha and never want to forget them should I ever actually have the SPACE to create something similar. Someday....