Okay, so I was SO totally right about when Papa-Blessing came home from his four days at Cub Scout camp.

Soooo, what do you think about the Bedroom”?

Do you like how I moved out that old table that was here..and moved in this super sweet dresser? And, oh my gosh how cute is this rug”.

Ummm, didn't we have that rug? And what was wrong with the other dresser?

“Nothing was WRONG with it….I just…Oh, forget it”!

This might be frustrating to the née bee but, to me…it is a open invitation to do more!

All of that to say; I have once again been obsessing
{shocking, I know}

About what? Thank you for asking.


{{{ blasted picture wont come up}}}
{{{ don't loose sleep, I'm working on it}}}

As my bestie brought to my attention. …

"You sew. Why would you by this when you can make".

It cheep, it give my room a little pop  {as much as oatmeal color can} and I think it will make Thanksgiving unbelievable.

….That was my own little metal justification…..

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Anonymous said...

What is it????? I'd dying to know.